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Pension Worries - The Need for Reliable Advice

Many in the UK are worrying about how they will make ends meet when the time comes to retire, and even if retirement is going to be an option!. Planning for pension provision is very complex, and employer schemes are not necessarily the best option when 'Final-Salary' is being phased out.

Because of the need for reliable advice early on, Morris Gregory Chartered Accountants have teamed up with David Lord of DT Lord (Financial Management) Limited to offer sound independent advice to both new and existing clients. This adds to the wide range of Morris Gregory accountancy services, and means that it is now easy to get good guidance on such issues of concern as:

- as well as corporate and individual tax planning.

"We have known David for a long time, and it is a natural development for our companies to work in association, giving a full financial planning solution to our clients. By working together we can offer a range of specialist skills under one roof, to the maximum advantage to our clients" - say Alan Brooks and John Ormiston, partners at Morris Gregory. "We are known in the region for our friendly, efficient and dependable approach, and now we have found a way of helping out clients still further."

For further information, contact Alan Brooks or John Ormiston on 0161 626 3427 or email:

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